Google CEO Apologized by Mail for Misbehave Occurred in Company

Google CEO Apologized by Mail for Misbehave Occurred in Company

A former Google employee accused the tech giant’s executive ranks of fostering a culture of sexual misbehavior in a scathing blog post detailing her relationship with the corporate’s top lawyer.

In a Medium post published Wednesday, Jennifer Blakely accused Google Chief Legal Officer David Drummond in whose department she once worked of persistent philandering and abandoning her and the son they’d together, describing Drummond’s behavior as “nothing short of abuse.”

Blakely stated she and Drummond began an affair contrary to HR rules in 2004 when he was estranged from his wife, and they had a child together in 2007. She mentioned she then had to switch out of his department to sales, though she had no sales experience and became depressed with her work. Blakely stated she and her son were living with Drummond, and he had provided to support her financially, so she finally quit her job at Google. However, soon after, in 2008, he abandoned them after a Google dinner party. A bitter custody battle ensued, with Drummond described as a bully and an absentee father.

Blakely had initially been spoken about the affair with the New York Times last year, in a bombshell story about Android chief Andy Rubin, who received a massive exit package from Google after being accused of sexual misconduct. That led to walkouts by Google workers, and a lawsuit from shareholders is claiming Google tried to cover up the misconduct.

In her blog post, Blakely stated Google’s leadership was at fault for turning a blind eye to sexual harassment and misconduct for years.

Google didn’t instantly respond to a request for comment.

Last fall, Google CEO Sundar Pichai sent staff an email apologizing for past inaction and stated he was “fully committed” to changing its corporate culture and taking a harder line against sexual misconduct. In April, Google updated the way it responds to sexual misconduct claims.

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