Our Company

Our main focus is on the growth and long-term horizon. We are an analytics company, well-known in the market for our winning portfolios and detailed newsletters.

We don’t give guarantees to our clients. Meanwhile, we give them opportunities to make their own steps based on our analysis of information.

Our specialists are keen on residential energy storage and lithium exploration. We consider ourselves very dedicated natural resources-oriented nerds.

We can create good and unique strategies for investors and companies. Our analysts are often guest lecturers in different business school, universities and even firms that want to improve knowledge of their employees.

We love to teach and we know how to improve our clients’ productivity, and how to help them with all small but tricky changes at the market.

We have active Twitter, Facebook and Instagram account for those who prefer to watch for the latest updates. We offer a free subscription to our clients who want to receive news and its detailed analysis first in the morning.

Our founder, Doctor Darrin Badillo has 15 years of experience in very different types of investments. He was successful in each of them from penny stocks to small cap. He prefers natural resources, as he believes in their potential on the market. We follow his lead in many questions and usually reach success.

We don’t want to tell you that we are some kind of group of mind readers or fortune tellers. We don’t see the future. That is why we don’t know what will happen at the market next minute. Still, we make a good detailed analysis that can save our clients from any unpredictable situations.