Darrin Badillo [email protected]

Darin Badillo is an experienced analyst and the founder of Norwalk Daily. He is still an active investor. Badillo is very interested in every type of investments. He does not mind to work with small caps and unknown stock companies.

Badillo believes that his experience at the market for over 15 years helps him to lead the analytic company.

Badillo is a Doctor. He is a graduate of Yale University. He had a medical practice in the past. For several years he worked for the St. Anna memorial hospital. After a while, he decided to leave this job for the market.

Darrin Badillo always tries to listen to other analysts. He asks his workers to help him with investments and check his strategy. He believes that only teamwork can produce the clear analysis. A team of analysts will not make the same mistake and will not be as subjective as one analyst.

He has his own preferences in the market. Badillo is very interested in precious metals and gold especially. He says that he invests in this area as often as he feels the necessity of it.

Badillo decided to open the company after his father pointed to the high productivity of many analytic minds. Now he tells that it was mainly his father’s idea. Darrin’s father is also an investor in the market. He worked as a trader for many years and taught his son how to search for the best options at the market with millions of offers every day.

Glenn Hoffman [email protected]

Glenn Hoffman is financial writer and analyst at the Norwalk Daily. He works in the company for 7 years. He is a proud graduate of Georgetown University. He has a degree in business and he has a certificate that allows him to be a teacher.

Before he joined the team, Hoffman worked for the local business school. He says he enjoyed that time, but it took a lot of his energy. He made investments in the healthcare market and biotechnologies during that time. After a while, he got tired, and one of his students told him about a new analytic company that produces very promising reviews for the market and searches for the new people.

Hoffman decided to take risks and went straight to Norwalk Daily. He met the head of the company, and after a quick chat, they shook hands.

Colleagues call Hoffman the soul of the team. They come to him when there is a difficult situation and they don’t know how to deal with it. He helps to make decisions.

Hoffman likes to talk with his clients. He confesses that sometimes he still feels like a teacher at the school. He gives advice to investors and teaches them how to pick the best option for them.

Several years ago, he started to lead classes for his clients in their central office. Hoffman says it does not take much energy, as he does not have to go there every day. He leads classes two days in a week for an hour and asks his clients to read market analysis as a homework.

Alexander Soto [email protected]

Alexander Soto is well-known analyst. He works for the company since its foundation.

Soto is from New Mexico originally. He speaks three languages, including Spanish, Chinese and English. Soto admits that it helps him to make investments abroad.

He is very interested in Chinese market. According to him, it is a real sin to know about the second biggest business field in the world and not to use it.

Before he joined the team, Soto lived in China and worked as leading analyst in the international company. He says he helped to make a lot of very successful deals.

Now he flies once in three months to China, to take care about his investments, find new partners there and offer his clients more choices.

Alexander Soto does not waste his time on unproductive projects. He says he chooses the best companies, makes only profitable portfolios, and never do anything without carefully checking all the information.

Soto writes daily newsletters with the detailed analysis of foreign markets and makes his own predictions for the future of some companies, chosen by him for this day.

 He warns his clients that his opinion is only his personal thought and he is not responsible for other people’s thoughts and decisions.

He teaches his clients always search for detailed information, previous financial reports, even recommendations from former workers. Soto says that without all the information we can’t make proper decisions at all. If he wants to invest in a company, he will be sure that everything is ok with their documents and employees.

Mary Locklin [email protected]

Mary Locklin is an economist, and business analyst at the company. She joined the team in 2016. Before that she worked for the department of the national bank.

Mary Locklin is from Texas. She always tells that her ancestors came to the USA from Scotland, and were mighty warriors.

Locklin considers herself as the warrior as well. She fights with uncertainty at the market, and saves her clients from a potential danger of bankruptcy.

Mary believes that they have very noble intention in the company to help people. She writes her market analysis available for everyone who wants to conquer the market and gain more money for happy living.

In her free time, Locklin teaches investors how to be better in their work. And she does it for free.

She does not mind to share her methods of analysis with everyone who would like to learn it. Locklin is an often host of different business radio shows. She is well-known for her calm temper.

This analyst believes there can’t be any rush in taking decisions for the market. While she can quickly catch up with constantly changing market, she says she will never make any fast decision about her investments.

She recommends her readers to remember that there is no good in rush. If they can’t keep their head calm, there will be a lot of different problems on their way. And market can be their toughest teacher.

Locklin has her bachelor’s degree in finances and MA in economics.

Jenifer Macdonald [email protected]

Jenifer Macdonald is a professional analyst and certified business expert. She works for this company for 5 years and she still can be pleasantly surprised with her clients’ achievements.

Macdonald thinks that her main privilege is the ability to build successful portfolios with the long-term prediction.

She also admits that she is a good team player, and she is happy for her colleagues if they reach some new level in their career.

Macdonald was an independent trader for some time before she started to work here. She still keeps an interest in the trading opportunities for her and her clients.

She considers herself as a very passionate market fan. The analyst is interested in reward and risk asymmetric profile.

In her analysis, she checks every asset she can on the market, which could be interesting for her clients. She works with options, ETFs, stocks, futures and so on.

She received her master degree in science in business from Harvard business school. After her graduation, she worked as a financial specialist.

Now, Macdonald says her work is not so different from previous one. She thinks that the most important in being an analyst is to see the full picture at the market. If you don’t see the whole picture, it is better to hire professional who can help with it, checking the information for you. She does not agree with the theory that market is only for people with special education. She says she helped many investors with different education or no education at all.