Ballistix Tactical Tracer RGB: good high-performance RAM with customizable lights

With a solid look, good dissipation and low latency, Ballistix designed a type of RAM module that is ideal for a high performance computer gamer. The Tactical Tracer DDR4 have everything for those who like to show their PC: RGB so customizable that you can even create your own lightbar with 3D printing.

It comes in loose modules of 8 and 16 GB And there are also the kits: 16 GB (2x8GB) and 32 (2x16GB). Keep in mind that the decision to use 64GB many times is purely aesthetic, because for games and average programs, with 16GB reaches and exceeds.

The price in Argentina is of $ 5400 (3000 MHz) and $ 4999 (2066 MHz), a high price when compared with the competition, but of the highest quality if you look for RGB of the highest quality.

Packaging and performance
The performance is impeccable and has no problem with overclocking: in the tests goes from 2666 MHz with 1.2V to 3200 MHz with 1.35V, with a large increase in performance for games and demanding tasks. In some cases an increase in the rate of Frames per Second (FPS) was observed, which made the games look better.

The RGB is customized with a program that manages the 16 LED lights in 8 different zones that the module has. The software is the M.O.D. (Memory Overview Display) and is available on the Ballistix page to download for free.

M.O.D. It comes with temperature sensors and censuses the speeds to monitor the performance of the memory and to use that information to improve the experience.

The lightbar can be customized with a 3D printer to create at ease, or you can remove the module to make the brightness more intense. The part that is removed is the plastic, which is on top of the module.

You can download designs from the Ballistix page to print, free. Those that are available are not very attractive, however.

The only counter we find is the price: a RAM stick without RGB costs about 3,500 pesos. But if you look for RGB, it is certainly a good option since it is even cheaper than the competition.

Technical specifications
16 RGB LEDs in 8 zones in each module
Speeds up to 3400 MT / s
Module densities up to 16 GB, kit density up to 64 GB
Three options of light bar:
Light bars with included Ballistix label give a diffuse RGB appearance
Removable bar for maximum brightness
3D printing of a new light bar design for personalization
Temperature control and RGB LED with the Ballistix M.O.D. Utility software
Price in Argentina: $ 5400 (3000 MHz) and $ 4999 (2066 MHz)

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